“It was an absolute pleasure working with Jaclyn on my collection of short stories and a couple of other short story projects throughout 2018. She delivers the kind of experience that you hope working with an editor might be. I always look forward to receiving her edits. She brings a level of enthusiasm, insight, attention to detail, and understanding of narrative flow/pacing that really helps elevate a project. Thanks to Jaclyn’s excellent work I have had multiple submissions accepted by publications over the last twelve months.”

Fiction Writer

Joe Butler

“I really love working with Jaclyn—I didn’t realize the difference working with a real editor would make on all my output. My grants are stronger and more rigorous; she sees where further clarity or depth is required and just always makes me sound better. Her work on my artist books has been indispensable, as she’s been able to immediately get the particularities of experimental writing projects and understand my goals for the project in balance with the needs of each particular text. And she always makes me laugh.”


Liz Knox

“Jaclyn plays an instrumental role with the copy and line editing of any text that has to be generated by the studio. I completely entrust her services to oversee all writing pertaining to grants, public art proposals, bios, artists statements, and various other art-related communications. She even worked on this testimonial—which is why I sound so professional.”


James Nizam


“We have been working with Jaclyn on the publications of the Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art since 2015. It has been an inspiring working experience ever since. We have never met personally, but I have the feeling that a wonderfully nerdy English-language-elf is living in my computer, who not just helps me get our texts into shape, but who also is always ready for a conversation and has a real passion for language, art, and ideas.

Furthermore it seems there is no topic in cultural studies and art that she hasn’t got a rather firm grip on, and hence as an editor of art texts she is a real asset! The communication with her just cheers up my office life
in general.”

Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art, Oldenburg

Edit Molnár

"I had the chance to collaborate with Jaclyn on Malmö Art Academy’s Yearbook 2013/14, for which she was the copyeditor. The Yearbook is compiled from texts by BFA and MFA students and PhD candidates, as well as the faculty and programme/course descriptions. Jaclyn is extremely thorough and has a sharp eye for detail, word play, translation mix ups, text flow, and getting the author's voice and intention through in just the right way. She is spot on and quick to respond, so our correspondence, as well as the negotiations with the students, has been smooth and pleasant. I hope to get to collaborate with Jaclyn again, and I warmly recommend her."


Malmö Art Academy Yearbook

Marie Thams


"Jaclyn created a voice for our brand with cohesive descriptions for each section of our website and projects. Finding our brand voice was an ongoing struggle and Jaclyn managed to capture the essence of our business quickly and easily. We were extremely pleased with the results!"

Textile design house

Bespoke Atelier

"Jaclyn possesses a suspiciously marvelous intuition when it comes to the written word. Her notes on my writing ventured far beyond linguistic mechanics, and her insight and attention to detail was invaluable to my piece. Jaclyn is a joy to work with, and I recommend her to any human or humanoid."

Fiction writer

Niall Howell


"Over the past two years, Jaclyn has provided her invaluable copyediting expertise on a number of my academic projects, including chapters of my PhD thesis, book reviews, academic journal submissions, and conference and symposium papers. In her capacity as a copyeditor, Jaclyn’s work continues to be of the highest quality, exceptionally detailed, and prompt. She is highly professional, responds quickly to emails, and is a pleasure to work with.

In addition to her editing skills, Jaclyn’s background in art history ensures that she is comfortable with the technical language and sophisticated concepts present in this level of academic writing. I would absolutely recommend Jaclyn as a copyeditor and look forward to working with her in the future."

PhD candidate
History of Art
University of Glasgow


"Jaclyn Arndt is the most competent and precise proofreader I've ever worked with. She is very well organized, fast, and—in addition to this—extremely kind!"

Art Production beyond the Art Market?

van den Berg